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    Opportunity Louisiana was the theme for the 2013 Louisiana Baptist Convention, November 11-12 in Alexandria.  Special emphases included the Final Report from the President’s 2020 Commission on Monday evening and the election of the new LBC President, Dr. Steve Horn from First, Lafayette, on Tuesday morning. 

    Summary of the 2020 Report  
    For the next 7 years, Louisiana Baptists will focus our cooperative efforts on:

    2 Audiences: 
    The Next Generation and Every People Group

    To reach these audiences we will utilize

    4 Avenues: Congregational Revitalization, Church Planting, Communication and Collaboration

    Using these avenues, we will implement

    10 Action Steps, or KAIROS (Key Actions In Reaching Our State)

    Click on the link below for the full report of the President's 2020 Commission 

    Download 2020 Report .pdf