We have compiled links to the areas of the NAMB and IMB websites that relate most to Partnership Missions. We hope this page will expedite your search experience and be beneficial for you. 

We encourage you to explore the resources available on the NAMB and IMB websites.



North American Mission Board: NAMB

Planning to go on a local mission:Opportunities:Open Opportunities: The Bridge
Appalachian Regional Ministries  

International Mission Board: IMB

Adopting a People Group:Steps involved People group information Where are the unreached people  

Regional Sites:South Asia
East Asia
South East Asia 

Planning to go on a international mission:Open opportunities: Search for regions, dates, etc.
Qualifications: Who can go?

Ready to go on a mission:Passports: U.S. Dept. of State
Insurance: Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services (formerly Adams & Associates International)
Immunizations: CDC website
Visas: Resource for Americans Traveling Abroad
Travel Agents who are familiar with mission trip scheduling

Commission Stories 


Who has been on a mission? 


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