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  • Church Accompanist Compensation Study  


    Thank you for participating in the 2011 church accompanist compensation study.  The study focuses on keyboard accompanists only (piano, organ and keyboard).  Please complete as much information as possible.  If your church has multiple accompanists, complete a separate questionnaire for each one.  Results of the study will be available in April 2012.   Contact Teresa Thomason at 318.448.3402 ext. 228 with any questions.


    1. Our church is in the association.
    2. On a typical Sunday morning (or main service time) our church has this many in worship (all services):  
    3. Our annual church budget is:   
    4. Our church pays our accompanist this amount weekly  
    5. In a typical week our accompanist plays for:
      • services
      • rehearsals
      • hours (services and rehearsals)
      • hours in practice and preparation 
    6. Our accompanist has   years of experience as an accompanist.
    7. Our accompanist plays the (check all that apply):
    8. Our accompanist's highest level of training is:  
    9. Please check any additional benefits that your accompanist receives: