Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

Sean Keith
Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist
ext. 237   

Jeff Ingram
Adult Ministry Strategist
ext. 295

David Anderson, Childhood Ministry Strategist
ext. 224

Jessica Dubea
Children & Adult Ministry Assistant
ext. 226

Kevin Boles, Youth Strategist
ext. 230

Julie Woodrum, Ministry Assistant
ext. 217


Sunday School Team


EveryChurch-imgOur theme and strategy is “Every Church Needs”. When you look at the church, what should the basic building blocks of an effective discipleship ministry be? We want to help you discover how to focus your ministry to be the best you can be in making disciples in your congregation. That means, every church has to start somewhere. May we suggest…

New Believer Training – When someone becomes a Christian, they are, spiritually speaking, a baby in Christ. They need specific training in how to grow and serve as a believer. We would like to suggest some tools that would be helpful in accomplishing this with every new Christian.

New Member Training – When somebody joins your church, what happens next? We want to help you develop a plan to help new members know what they are joining, how to make connections with other members and where your church is heading and how it plans to get there. New members are the most excited people about what your church is doing and wants to do. Help them know how they can join in.

Leadership Training – Every leader needs to be trained. How often do you train your leaders? What is your plan for training leaders? How do you recruit potential leaders and how do you know where they would best fit in your organization? Your leadership can make or break your ministry potential. In today’s world with all the tools that are available, you don’t have to be the expert. Let us assist you in training your leaders. Develop a plan and work the plan.

We also offer assistance through: 

Conferences – To the right, under "Events", are some of the events that are scheduled this year to help your church develop and improve your discipleship Ministry. Maybe your church or association is interested in planning a conference to train your people in the Disciple Making process. Please use the Sunday School - Discipleship Assistance Request online form or use the  Sunday School-Discipleship Assistance Request Download to request assistance by mail or fax. (This assistance is available on a limited basis).

Consultation – We have qualified and trained consultants who can assist your church in developing a customized strategy for Making Disciples in your congregation. Please use the Sunday School - Discipleship Assistance Request online form or use the  Sunday School-Discipleship Assistance Request Download to request a consultant for your church. (These are available on a limited basis).

Coaching – We are developing a process for coaching your church or leadership in developing a strategy for making disciples. Check back here in the future to see where we are and how we can assist you.

We also have people who can assist with:

Preschool Ministry
Children’s Ministry
Student Ministry
Single Adults
Senior Adults
Family Ministry
Recreation Ministry