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Sean Keith
Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist
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Jeff Ingram
Adult Ministry Strategist
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David Anderson, Childhood Ministry Strategist
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Jessica Dubea
Children & Adult Ministry Assistant
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Kevin Boles, Youth Strategist
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Sunday School Team

The Coaching Strategy-Growing your Church through Sunday School

Do you want your church to experience healthy growth?

Well of course you do. But, do you believe your church can grow?

• We believe your Sunday School/Small Group Ministry is the key to growing your church.  It is based on SOUND, PROVEN principles that lead a church in healthy growth. What is unique about this strategy is the personal coach that will customize the process to fit your church and your churches needs.

• In Mark 4:3-8, we find the parable of the sower. Jesus tells us that our responsibility is to sow the seed. If we will cultivate the soil, water it, weed it, and work it; we could reap 30, 60, or 100 times what we have sown.

The Purpose
To conduct a one year, customized, coaching strategy to…
• Increase baptisms, Sunday School Enrollment/Attendance and teaching units
• Enlist new leaders
• Evaluate facilities

The Process
• To evaluate your present strategy
• To set goals for your future
• To develop plans to accomplish your goals
• To hold each other accountable for our actions and plans

The Coach
• The Coach prepares the Pastor to lead the church in growth.
• He guides the church leadership through the planning process.
• Then, he helps the Pastor to hold his leadership accountable as each one develops a plan and puts it into action.

The Plan
• Where are you now? (Establishing a baseline)
• Where do you want to be? (Setting goals)
• What are you willing to do to get there? (Action Plans)
• Did you do it and how did it go? (Accountability and evaluation)

What do we get?
1. A personal coach for your church for one year
2. Three on-site visits by your coach
3. Monthly “phone appointments” with your coach
4. A personalized plan to grow your Sunday School and your church
5. A fresh start, a renewed hope and an invigorated Sunday School

What makes the Coaching Strategy Unique?
1. The Coach - The coach GUIDES you through a process that is your plan, not his. It is a unique and customized process for each church. As the Pastor, you control the process, what your church will do, and what you want to see happen.
2. Accountability - We have built in a process to help you hold your people accountable. The accountability is based on doing what you said you would do.
3. Action Plans - All of the accountability is based on the action plans your leaders develop based on the goals they have set. Their action plans become their agenda for the next 6 months to lead their class to grow.

How much will it cost my church?
First, the coaching strategy fee is based on the size of the church.
This will be determined by the average Sunday School attendance as indicated in the last years ACP report.
• Churches who average between 0 - 99 will pay a one time fee of $100.
• Churches who average between 100 - 249 will pay a one time fee of $150.
• Churches who average 250 or more pay a one time fee of $250.
NOTE: The fee must be paid before the first visit by the assigned coach.
Secondly, the church will agree to pay any on-site costs associated with lodging and meals for the coach.

When will it start?
Sign up begins now and will continue until September 15th, 2008.
• The coach will make the preparation visit in October or November of 2008.
• The Coaching Strategy Event will take place in January or February of 2009.
• The final visit will take place in August or September of 2009.

How do I sign up?
Download  The Coaching Strategy Sign Up Form 
Return your registration form to:
LBC, Attn: Coaching Strategy
P.O. Box 311, Alexandria, LA 71309