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Buckets of Hope Update -- Coordinator Information

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Please make checks payable to LA Baptist Convention when dropping off buckets at designated points. Make sure to memo Buckets of Hope in memo field.


For any further information on Buckets of Hope, contact Larry Cupper at (337) 277-7720. Larry is now the coordinator for the Buckets of Hope project in Louisiana.

Thank you.

Buckets of Hope Labels

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The labels for the Buckets of Hope are in.

 We need  each drop off location to email us and let us know how many labels you need . One for each bucket.


Gibbie McMillan



Use of CPAP machines by volunteers in Haiti

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We need to immediately advise all state directors and incoming teams that volunteers that use CPAP machines the following:


AC power in Haiti is inconsistent because it is provided by generator with a battery backup inverter which may occasionally fail during the night.  This can result in there being no electricity for your CPAP or other medical devices that require electric power.  That means that we cannot guarantee that electricity for CPAP machines will be available.  CPAP wearers must note that if they are so dependent on their machines to the point where a loss of power will cause a life threatening situation for them then they must either;


  • Bring a CPAP that has a battery back up
  • Bring a battery with inverter that will power the CPAP through the night in the event that a power failure occurs. (Note it must be able to get through TSA screening for either carryon or checked luggage and the person is responsible for determining if their battery system meets  TSA requirements are not the IC)
  • Do not come if the loss of power for more than 30 minutes and no battery backup system would put the CPAP user’s life in jeopardy.
  • Come anyway knowing that if there is no power you could be at risk because you stop breathing for brief moments or you snore so loud that your room mates kill you. 


We are still limiting teams to 1 laptop and 2 cell phones per team to be powered or recharged on the CMBH house electricity as well. 


Buckets of Hope Packing Video

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How to Pack Buckets of Hope


For More Information and drop-off locations visit www.LBC.org/BucketsofHope
Dates for drop-off are March 12-15