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Why did God Choose Jena - Dominick DiCarlo

DominickDiCarlo“I think God chose Jena to reveal His glory because all of America knows of Jena.” 
“If God can change the hearts of people in Jena, God can change the hearts of people anywhere.”
“If it can happen in Jena, it can happen throughout America.”
-- Dominick DiCarlo, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jena

Revival Impact on Jena - Ernestine Johnson

ErnestineJohnson“The messages that are told to us through the leaders, the ministers, it will do us a lot of good.”
“When you give a good message from the Bible, it really pays off.”
-- Ernestine Johnson

Ministry of Reconciliation in Jena

DominickDiCarlo"We committed ourselves to the ministry of reconciliation and the message of reconciliation.”
“Looking back, God took our sorrow and turned it into joy and He took what was painful for us and transformed that pain into His glory.”
-- Dominick DiCarlo, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jena

Climate in the Jena Wal-Mart

DominickDiCarlo“If you walked into Wal-Mart and saw someone of another race, you really weren’t sure how they were going to relate to you…some, not sure what to do with the tension in their community would avoid public contact, that’s changed.  That has been replaced with a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, even in Wal-Mart.”
-- Dominick DiCarlo, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jena

Lasting Value of Jena Revival

DominickDiCarlo“The sense of being a neighbor.  We perhaps took it for granted to be a neighbor and what that meant, we no longer do that.”  “Wherever there was a barrier or a division, we find that those are being eroded by the gospel message.”
-- Dominick DiCarlo, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jena

A Lot of Ground to Go

DominickDiCarlo“It has reawakened believers to their sense of mission…our dream is that they take their renewed sense of calling and bring it to the other 14,000 people that are in LaSalle Parish.”
-- Dominick DiCarlo, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jena

Revival Impact on Jena - Ray Fairman

RayFairman“If anything is going to change a man’s past if anything’s going to change a his present and his future has to come from the Word of God…and when you have a change of heart, you have a change in the community”
--Ray Fairman

Change in Jena - Ray Fairman

RayFairman“Change must come from within and then it comes out.”
“We have been in the dark for so long, thank God the changes have been made now.”
--Ray Fairman

Renewal in Jena

CurtisGardner“This revival just renewed some things with me and the whites.  Most the whites, I’ve know them all my life and we just hadn’t told them face-to-face how we love ya.  And this is what’s gotten me man, I tell ya it’s beautiful.”
--Curtis Gardner

Personal Impact of Jena Revival

TaylorAllen“It has really changed my life to really put my relationship with Christ first in priority above everything else.”
--Taylor Allen

Revival Impact on Jena - Taylor Allen

TaylorAllen“To see black and white together, rejoicing and praising God in one place is just a miracle and it could not have happened without Him…”
--Taylor Allen

Revival Impact on Jena

ClevelandRiser“I’m just glad that my faith has been strengthened knowing that He will do what He wants to when He gets ready in the way”
--Cleveland Riser

Dirty Horses

ByronHogan"There’s absolutely nothing you can do to clean yourself up and that’s what was being offered, you know, that night through salvation.  A chance to be redeemed, a chance for someone to take and wash up and I just didn’t want anybody to pass that up."
-- Byron Hogan,

What Is Revival

PaulDailyImg"It’s the moving of God.  When God moves if people obey, then it explodes."
"Revival, it’s a restoration."
--Paul Daily,

Personal Impact

PaulDailyImg"God is a God for every person, every time, every season.  What has really gripped my heart is the openness of the people and seeing the obedience.  Many times God speaks to us but we just sit on our thumbs and the opportunity passes on."
--Paul Daily,

Lasting Impact

PaulDailyImg"It will go down in history as the restoration that God can bring, not man.  Man has tried and failed, but God is a restorer."
--Paul Daily,

Empty Pockets

PaulDailyImg“I’ve got to do what God lays on my heart”
“I just want to be a common every day old man that God is using”
-- Paul Daily, 

Forgivness in Jena

CraigFranklin“God was able to take people in his church and by them being obedient to Him, He was able to bring about a reconciliation process that is still ongoing.”
-- Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times

Transformation Story from Jena

CraigFranklin“I watched as his family began praying for him…they would call out his name night after night after night…I watched as God began dealing with this man…that’s one image I’ll never forget, when I watched that man let go and embrace Jesus.”
-- Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times

Revival Service in Jena

CraigFranklin“Anywhere in the Word of God where someone came in contact with Jehovah God,… we see a brokenness occur, we see a humbleness that takes place…”
“For me to do or to say something that is not led by God jeopardizes the movement of God in that service.”
-- Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times

The Story of the Jena Revial

CraigFranklin"It was almost as if the glory of God fell upon that sanctuary and everyone was so awestruck by it, no one knew what to do."
"Once you experience the power of God, nothing else satisfies you – nothing else."
-- Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times

God Was Moving and We Got Out of the Way

CraigFranklin"God was moving and neither of us knew what to do other than get out of the way."
"We’ve simply presented the gospel in song, presented the gospel in His word and preaching and allowed God to work."
--Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times

Ingredients to the Jena Revival
CraigFranklin"People have been praying for revival in Jena for years."
"The second thing we see is a spirit of unity."
"God had brought the people to the point that they were ready to do whatever He said to do."
-- Craig Franklin, Assistant Editor, Jena Times
What Does this Mean to Jena - Reed Walters

ReedWalters"It has given us a renewed sense of urgency about what we are here for.   We are here to be God’s servants." -- Reed Walters

What Does this Mean to Jena - Jimmy Young

JimmyYoungImg"After all that has happened, if anything is going to change, the faith community has to be at the forefront...  This revival has brought people from across Jena together." -- Jimmy Young

How Does Revival Come

Jena_Bill_Robertson_stillGod always moves when people are desperate for Him.  Earnestly seeking Him in prayer with a willingness to repent, confess sin, and walk in obedience to Him, no matter the cost.

The Beginning of the Jena Revival

Jena_Bill_Robertson_stillBill Robertson gives a historical overview of the Jena Revival which began on February 17, 2008.  Everyone expected a 3-day revival meeting, but more than 8 weeks later, God is still impacting the lives of people in Jena and the surrounding areas.

Revival - Why Not Jena

Jena_Bill_Robertson_still"Why would God choose to do such a work in Jena?  It seemed to be the most unlikely place, impossible place for revival place for revival to break out.  God delights in taking impossible situations and turning them into possible situations." -- Bill Robertson

Where Is Jena

Jena_Bill_Robertson_stillBill Robertson, Director of the Pastoral Leadership Team of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, opens this video series with a look at the town of Jena

lbc white logo*The Louisiana Baptist Convention is pleased to recount the movement of God during the Jena Revival. The testimonies given are the observations, views and convictions of the parties involved and may not specifically represent the views and opinions of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.
©2008, Louisiana Baptist Convention