Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

Jeff Cook, Ministry Evangelism Strategist
ext. 262

Lee Green, Ministry Assistant
ext. 261


Church and Community

For Ministry Leaders:
Monthly Report  

The mission of the department is to work with churches to evangelize and congregationalize through ministry with the people who are hurting spiritually, economically and socially in Louisiana. The department has field personnel of over 60 missionaries, mission pastors and ministry directors along with over 150 regular volunteers. 

Community Needs Assessment
A Community Needs Assessment is a simple strategy for a church, a geographical group of churches or an association to discover mission needs in your area.

Literacy Missions
Involving Southern Baptist churches and associations in witnessing through meeting the needs of adults who are functional nonreaders, people who need to learn to speak English, and school-age children who need help with schoolwork. Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our primary objective.

Compassion Ministries
Compassion Ministries (storefront ministries) are reaching into neighborhoods where the gospel has not penetrated by building relationships through ministry.

Multihousing ministry is a unique way to reach people for Christ. Multihousing consists of apartments, mobile home parks, manufactured homes, high rises, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, retirement centers, nursing homes, and marinas, just to name a few.

World Hunger
Keeping people aware of the oppressive hurt of hunger world wide, in America and in our state. Thirty percent of Louisiana's population lives in poverty.

Pregnancy Resource Center
1 in 4 pregnancies in the United States ends in abortion. Louisiana ranks #2 in the nation for births to unwed mothers. Approximately every 20 seconds a baby in the U.S.A loses it’s life to abortion.