Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

Jeff Cook, Ministry Evangelism Strategist
ext. 262

Lee Green, Ministry Assistant
ext. 261


Church and Community

Involving Southern Baptist churches and associations in witnessing through meeting the needs of adults who are functional nonreaders, people who need to learn to speak English, and school-age children who need help with schoolwork. Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our primary objective. 

Literacy Missions
John Hebert - Director

Marshall Ingle - Literacy Missions Coordinator
Shannon Brown - Regional Literacy Missions Coordinator (New Orleans area)


Adult Reading and Writing
One in five adults in the United States does not read well enough to read the Bible. Teaching someone else to read and write opens doors enabling the tutor to share Christ's love and plan of redemption.
Mission Ministries department volunteers in techniques to begin and support Adult Reading and Writing ministries.

Tutoring Children and Youth
Lack of reading skills is the primary cause of drop-outs among school age youth. Tutoring Children and Youth (TCY) is designed to prevent illiteracy and keep students in school. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for tutors to develop a relationship with a student that will enable the tutor to share God's love and redemption.
The Mission Ministries Department trains local volunteers in techniques to begin and support a TCY ministry.

Conversational English
More than 500,000 immigrants come to this country each year. Many do not speak English and have difficulty understanding our culture. Teaching someone else to speak English provides opportunities for sharing God's love and redemption. Each year new churches are started as a result of this ministry.
The Mission Ministries Department trains volunteer leaders in techniques to begin and support a Conversational English ministry.

For More information on Literacy Missions, please visit the Literacy Missions area of the North American Mission Board Web Site.