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Church and Community

Community Needs Assessment

  • Pinpoints which needs are being met and which needs in the community are not being met.
  • Gives the local church the opportunity to reach people for our Lord through compassionate ministries based on those unmet needs.

The 'ABC's' of How to Conduct an Assessment

A. Select a date.

B. Brainstorm a list of all known agencies and institutions that provide ministries. This includes churches and government agencies that provide services.
  • A secretary calls each agency for a contact person and sets an appointmeet for the day of the survey.
  • The secretary mails a follow up letter to agency and contact person.
  • This letter will serve as a reminder of the appointment and give them a preview of the six questions they will be ask.
  • LBC consultant provides training for the secretary.
C. Enlist workers for the one-day assessment. One person per agency is needed. You can use pastors, laymen and the LBC.

The Five Hour Assessment

A. Meet at 8:30 AM for training.

  • Review the questions that we will be asking and why.
  • Instructions on what to look for.
  • Teams are assembled
B. At 9:30 AM
  • Teams leave for the two preset appointments (10AM and 11AM).
  • Teams meet with their contact person and ask the pre-set questions
  • One team member ask the questions and the other takes notes.
C. Return at 12 Noon.
  • Light lunch
  • Share feelings and highlights.
  • Turn in interview reports.
  • ADJOURN at 1:30 PM

LBC Staff will take copies of the interviewed reports with them. They prepare the report and return it to you to duplicate and distribute as needed.


FAQ's about Community Needs Assessments