Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

Jeff Cook, Ministry Evangelism Strategist
ext. 262

Lee Green, Ministry Assistant
ext. 261


Church and Community

Community Needs Assessment Time Line

Assessment Process: 4-6 weeks

First Date: _______________ Meet with a representative of the Mission Ministries Department for an overview of Community Needs Assessment. If decision is made to proceed with assessment:
Enlist the help of your Church's Mission Development Council.  If you do not have a council assemble a CNA task force of 6-10 people.  Introduce the council or task force to the elements of CNA.

First Task Force Meeting
Second Date:
_______________ Assemble task force to set actual date of the Assessment. In this meeting the task force should have a complete overview of the assessment process and set all the dates for future action.
Church Survey
Appointment scheduling (one week prior to survey)
Institutional or Agency Survey

Third Date: _______________ (2-3 weeks prior to Institutional Survey) The Church Survey will assist you in finding out what other church members perceive to be the needs of the community and also assist you in finding volunteers for the Institutional Survey.
3-5 Volunteers Meet

Fourth Date: _______________ (1 week prior to survey) Scheduling appointments. Appointments should be made for teams to meet with representatives of local agencies and institutions suggested in Community Needs Assessment guide for a brief interview which usually takes less than 15 minutes. Teams need to know the name of the person they are meeting with and his phone number to verify the appointment the day before the interview.

Fifth Date: ________________ Institutional or Agency Survey. Survey teams of 2-3 persons with appointments in hand on this date make calls on agencies in your community to interview representatives.

Task Force Follow-up
Sixth Date:
________________ Task force should begin immediately compiling and writing report. Task force should meet and work through outline provided by the Mission Ministries Department to produce the report of materials gathered from the Agency survey. Outline is available in hard copy or on floppy disk in the Microsoft Word format.

Seventh Date: ________________ Ministry Planning Guide. The task force should work through the Ministry Planning Guide to be able to clearly communicate ministry goals and objectives to be accomplished.