Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

John Hebert, Director
ext. 260

Jill Morrow, Administrative Assistant
ext. 282

Lane Corley, Church Planting Ministry Strategist
ext. 272

James Jenkins, African American & Hispanic Ministry Strategist
ext. 294

Jeff Cook, Ministry Evangelism Strategist
ext. 262

Carlos Schmidt, Hispanic Catalytic Church Planter Strategist
ext. 281

Lee Green, Ministry Assistant
ext. 261

Cindy Bullitt, Financial Coordinator
ext. 263

Gibbie McMillan, Men's Ministry Strategist
ext. 276

Samantha Gilbert, Ministry Assistant
ext. 280 

Janie Wise, Women's Missions & Ministry Strategist
ext. 267

Judy Fussell, Ministry Assistant
ext. 268

Kelly Tam, Ministry Assistant
ext. 269



Missions Ministry Team

Church Starting Strategy 

Purpose: Penetrating Louisiana with the Gospel 

Strategy:Planting Indigenous Churches 

Focus: Starting all Kinds of Churches for all Kinds of People, in all Kinds of Places. 

New churches of all kinds are needed to reach over 200 people groups in Louisiana. These groups possess diverse racial, ethnic, social, and economic characteristics. Planting new churches among these groups is the most effective strategy for reaching these groups with the gospel. 

Multiple ministries are available through the Missions & Ministries Team for associations, sponsoring churches, cosponsoring churches, and new mission congregations. 

  • New Work Consultations 
  • Mission Church Financial Assistance 
  • Strategy Planning 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Church Planters Networks Initial Information Questionaire PDF 
  • Church Planter Management System 
  • Demographic Studies

Download Cooperative Church Planting Strategy and Funding

Download 10-3-1 Strategy Development Plan  

Download Initial Information Questionaire Form 

Download Quickview SBC Organization