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  • Expect More: Every Church Participating; Every Sunday School Leader Trained 

    The goal of Expect More is to provide quality Sunday School Training for every Sunday School leader. To help achieve this goal, the Sunday School Team at the Louisiana Baptist Convention is providing monthly Igniters, a fall training emphasis, live webcast, and area training events.

    Training Resources   
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    Awaken & Go - 2012 Fall Sunday School training emphasis.
    The tools and resources on this website can help you equip your leaders to lead their class to Awaken their Sunday School Class. As a result, our hope is that they will then begin to GO. “Faith without Works is dead”. May we be found faithful.
    Awaken & Go Webcast - Is available to view on demand.
    This is a group participation event designed to offer church Sunday School leaders the ability to learn from qualified presenters and immediately discuss that information with their church's Sunday School leadership.
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    Igniters - Video conversation starters for Sunday School leadership meetings  Value of a Vibrant Sunday School - 2011 Fall training emphasis
    Start Something New - This fall we want to encourage your church to start something new! Learn how to start NEW groups, enlist and train NEW leaders and start NEW ministries or groups in your community.  


  • Start Something New
    Sunday School - Small Groups

    Starting new groups is not easy, but it is necessary. You can start new groups, but you have to be intentional in the actions you take. Starting new groups requires a catalyst. You are that catalyst.

    To start a new group, you must have a vision for reaching new people and you must be willing to do the hard work it takes to make it happen. 

    If you plan on starting new groups, we'd love to hear about it.

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