Team Contacts
1.800.622.6549 (LA only)

Bill Robertson, Director Pastoral Leadership Team
ext. 291

JoLynn Chesser, Administrative Assistant
ext. 292

Stacy Morgan, Church Administration Strategist
ext. 293

Dianne York, Administrative Assistant
ext. 231

Eddie DeHondt, Bivocational Smaller Church Consultant - North

Gary Mitchell, Bivocational Smaller Church Consultant - South
ext. 294

Benjamin Harlan, Music Strategist
ext 234


Pastoral Team

Resume Services

Are you a minister looking for a new church or a church looking for a new minister?  You have found the right place!

For Churches Seeking A Minister
Save a tremendous amount of time by accessing the Search Committee Profile form online. After completing the form, we will receive it automatically through e-mail and will begin processing the information immediately. With this new method, we hope to fill your request for resumes within a week of receiving the request. The more information you provide, the better results you receive, so PLEASE provide as much information as possible when filling out the form. In addition, by providing an e-mail and fax number, you will provide us with more options to contact you with the information in a timely manner.
Click here to access the form.

For Ministers Seeking A Church
You are just one click away from a new ministry!
Resume’ service are available to ministers wanting to relocate to a new place of ministry for full-time or part-time positions. Simply fill-out the provided form e-mail it for review. The information provided is confidential and available ONLY to the staff of the Church-Minister Relations office.
When filling-in the form, please be as thorough as possible. If the fields indicating REQUIRED INFORMATION are not completed, your resume’ will not be submitted for review.
Remember- ministers’ resumes, in all areas of service, are shared as information only. We do not make individual recommendations.
Click here to access the form.