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Pastoral Team

Pastor, Is Your Holiday Plan well?

The holiday season can be most exhausting for the Pastor. In addition to regular responsibilities, there are the added expectations of holiday party attendances and special church events.1 Even preaching can be laborious...have you ever wondered how many ways you can approach the same Scripture texts when this time of the year rolls around?  Or, have you tended to adopt a "survive, not thrive" mentality and plow through the holidays?  A rekindling of the Christian mindset can reestablish healthy thinking.2

Authentic Thanksgiving

The thrust of the Christian's Thanksgiving is not a holiday; it is an attitude for every day. Salvation is the continual propellant of a grateful heart. A perpetual and intentional pondering of this unmerited, undeserved gift of eternal and abundant life is the Christian's identify and thus, the disciple's ministry. A prayer-fueled push against settling into mediocrity must prevail.3 True thanksgiving is expressed through joyous service towards others for the glory of God. Herein, innumerable opportunities for sharing the Gospel will be provided through authentic relationships.

Christmas Reflection

Christmastime provides a wonderful opportunity for reflection, introspection, and meditation. Seasons past can be kindled. Situations present can be enjoyed for awhile. Christmas trumpets forth the Gospel. The unredeemed preach the Word through traditional carols and songs without knowing they are praising their
Creator. The name of "Christ" is written everywhere and the atmosphere of giving abounds. Such occasions serve as incredible evangelistic prospects. Sharing the revelation, incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and descension (future!) with the lost can bring them eternal meaning of Bethlehem's Babe Who stepped out of eternity and into history. Bankrupt theology must be countered through biblical Christology in the commercial-driven temptations of the season.4    


Time.  Do not forget your family. The holidays may be pastorally demanding, but remember the precious gift of your wife and children. Perhaps you must decline
gatherings that do not include your family's attendance.

Transcendence.  What a time to remember the surpassing nature of the holidays. Such pre-determined calendar days are but shadows of the glorious eternity that awaits.

Turn.  Are there transformational thoughts bouncing around in your heart? The holidays provide a wonderful time to turn from unhealthy habits and embrace the New Year with attainable goals.

© Jim Fisher, Ph.D.

Christian Education and Leadership Concepts, LLC. 

Fit for the Fight , November 2010

1 Much of the information is taken from the author's dissertation: The Relationship between Selected Disciplines of Physical Wellness and Spiritual Wellness among Southern Baptist Pastors, 2006.

2 Pat Williams, How to Be like Jesus (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, 2003), 140.

3 D.A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1992), 121.

4 Emery Bancroft, Christian Theology (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1976), 96-98.

Fit For The Fight - Current Issue

Fit for the Fight 02-2013
Added 6/4/2013 12:02:30 PM

“Pastor, what do you think about leadership?”  February 2013

The myriad usages of  “leadership” often obscure its origination.[1] Etymology reminds us that the meaning finds its roots in the idea of  “guiding, directing, and traveling.”  Consequently, a leader takes someone along on a journey, with a clear destination.

The Leadership Example

Christians seek to be like Him...a servant.  Leading is serving and serving is leading.  The source material for the footprints and fingerprints of Jesus is found in the Bible. Inspiration and direction come from studying Scripture, praying through the revealed Truth.  While there are official titles and positions for leadership, such labels are unnecessary to lead.  Everyone has a circle of influence. 

The use of “lead” and “serve” as synonyms does not diminish the reality of difficulties, disagreements, or debates.  It does mean the presence of a pastoral spirit and an invisible shepherd’s staff.  


Many “leaders” are survivalists, concerned with popularity over principle.  They “lead” by consensus prodding, when often, the courageous minority is right.  Indeed, a “prophet-deficit” has proven to be unbelievably costly.  The goal of leadership is not to have everyone’s approval, affection, and applause.

Matters of style and strengths are inherently connected to any conversation of leadership.  But, what is said about the substance of leadership?  The source of one’s leadership theology and its implementation/application must be foundationally fixed.  Without such security, the leader will vacillate when the winds of adversity blow.  Such a leader is unreliable, disrespected, and marginalized, even though revered as “successful.”

Personal integrity is humbly bound to a core of convictions, founded and grounded in the Scripture.  Such veracity will garner the respect of most, even amidst divergent views.  Belief and behavior must be congruent.  Convictions must be distinguished from preferences.  Confusing the two will sound an unclear trumpet to all.  


Dictionary.  What dictionary are you using to define and defend your use of “leadership?”   The source may determine the course. 

Direction.  Are you drifting away from the Truth?  The wrong book can you lead you away from the Book.  

Discipleship.  Have you forgotten the Great Commission?  Padding your resume by more seats in padded pews is not necessarily obedience. 

© Jim Fisher, Ph.D.  
Christian Education and Leadership Concepts, LLC. 
Fit for the Fight, February 2013 


 [1] Much of the information is taken from the author’s dissertation: The Relationship between Selected Disciplines of Physical Wellness and Spiritual Wellness among Southern Baptist Pastors, 2006.