Contacts and Officers

Dr. Wayne Sheppard, Director
Partnership Mobilization Ministry
Louisiana Baptist Convention
318.448.3402 ext 278

Dr. W. Nelson Philpot, President
Louisiana Baptist Agricultural Missions Fellowship
P.O. Box 120
Homer. LA 71040 

Dr. Gene Baker, Vice President
Vice Chancellor Emeritus
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Buddy Thomas, Secretary
1149 Hwy 521
Haynesville, LA 71038

Billy Nutt, Project Coordinator
168 Back Forty
Arcadia, LA 71001

Executive Committee

Dr. Gene Baker
Vice Chancellor Emeritus
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Billy Nutt
Retired County Agent
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Dr. W. Nelson Philpot
Professor Emeritus
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Buddy Thomas
Retired County Agent
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Dr. Ken Tipton
Vice Chancellor Emeritus
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Jim Monzingo

Mike Towns

Ex-officio member:
Jimmy Williams


AgMissionsLogoLouisiana Baptist Agricultural Missions Fellowship 

Mission Statement 

To promote self-help projects aimed at alleviating poverty, reducing hunger, and advancing the cause of Christ.


People do not want to know how much we know until they first know how much we care.

Focal Scriptures 

I John 3:17. If anyone has this world's goods and sees his brother in need but shuts off his compassion from him, how can God's love reside in him?


Our primary focus is to support International Mission Board agricultural missionaries who work with the Zapotec Indians in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico.  Most of these people are subsistence farmers who live in isolated mountainous areas and have been marginalized by society.  They are stranded in unnecessary suffering.  For them to rise above their plight requires temporary assistance. 

Our challenge is to help some of them escape the misery of extreme poverty so they can get on the ladder of economic development and meet their own needs.  Our overall goal is to implement programs that both nourish the people and build infrastructure to end their poverty through self-help programs. 

Experience has taught that the most effective economic development is done with people rather than for people, which gives them confidence in their own abilities.  Many of the previously poor have become rich in faith and have become a major force in propagating the gospel.

Project Examples 

Our Fellowship supports a wide range of self-help projects that have been highly successful in helping lift the poor out of their poverty.   A few examples of projects that individuals can support are as follows:

Egg incubation facilities for a family = $125.00
Drip irrigation for a family = $300.00
Rabbit project for a family = $200.00
Chicken project for a family = $200.00
Quail project for a family = $200.00
Small greenhouse for a family = $400.00
Goat project for a family = $300.00
Heifer project for a family = $500.00
Water pump and pipe for a village = $2,000.00

Many of those assisted by our agricultural missionaries have reported they have never harvested such abundant crops and they want to know more about the abundant life to be found in Jesus Christ.  Moreover, water has been provided to remote villages that have never before had access to running water for drinking or for drip irrigation on their garden plots.  Such simple projects are helping the poor escape their poverty and to live more productive lives.

Missionaries report that our projects have helped put a caring face on Christianity which has resulted in numerous churches being established and many souls being won to the Lord, many are in areas that have never had an evangelical church. 

Changing Lives Both Physically and Eternally, One Person at a Time 

Early in 2007 we were advised of a Zapotec man who had been helping with some of our agricultural projects, was losing sight in both eyes.  At the age of 29, Arsenio's sight became so bad that his young children had to lead him around.  Aresenio, his wife, and their six children who lived in a bamboo hut with dirt floors, no electricity, and no running water, was entirely dependant on agriculture for their survival.  A surgeon was located who would perform the necessary surgeries at no cost, but hospital costs would be $1,500 per eye.

The Executive Committee of our Fellowship decided not to use funds contributed for specific projects, but within 24 hours we had raised $1,500 to pay for surgery on one eye.  Funds were secured from another source to perform surgery on the second eye.

Arsenio has now regained much of his vision and is once again providing for his family.  He is no longer a timid person, but is possessed of both confidence and humility.  He is said to glow with the love of the Lord, and others are now coming to know Christ as a result of his testimony.    

How You Can Help 

You can help some of the impoverished in Southern Mexico help themselves by sending a check made out to the Louisiana Baptist Foundation,and send to P.O. Box 120, Homer, LA 71040.  Please note it is critically important to indicate the funds are for the LA Baptist Ag Missions.  All contributions are tax deductible.  The Fellowship does not have any overhead expenses, so 100% of your contributions go directly to support projects on the mission field.

Fellowship Newsletters 

Newsletters are published at quarterly intervals and contain important resource information on the realities of world hunger, solutions for helping to resolve hunger and extreme poverty, projects being supported by our Fellowship, and a list of projects for which funding is being sought.  To receive our Newsletters on a regular basis please send your name and e-mail address to W. Nelson Philpot at and request to be placed on our electronic mailing list. Past newsletters can be downloaded and printed by clicking on individual issues listed in the right-hand side bar.

Annual Meetings 

Annual meetings are held in late January or early February each year.  Any person interested in helping people help themselves is invited to attend.  Meetings in even-numbered years are held in the Baptist Building, 1250 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA 71309.  During odd-numbered years the meetings are rotated between a site in South Louisiana and a site in North Louisiana.

Who May Join Our Fellowship 

Any person who desires to associate with the Fellowship because of his or her commitment to Christ is invited to join.  We do not limit membership only to agriculturalists.  Annual membership dues are $50.00 per family.  Additional contributions to support projects are encouraged.  Both membership dues and support for projects can be sent to the Louisiana Baptist Foundation per the instructions above. Click here to download Membership Form.


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