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Icon 10 Things to Know About Leading Young Adults

-by Sam Rainer
Leading the next generation requires an attitude of indebtedness to the followers—leaders don’t exist without followers. So let me share with you a few critical issues from the perspective of these young adult followers.

Icon 2009 Annual LBC

Annual of the Louisiana Baptist Convention
162nd Annual Meeting
November 9-10, 2009
Summer Grove Baptist Church
Shreveport, Louisiana

Icon 2010 Annual LBC
163rd Annual Meeting
Icon 2012 Annual LBC

The 2012 Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual is available online. One printed copy of the Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual is mailed to each church. The Annual is posted for review and/or download at The 2010 Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual is available online. One printed copy of the Louisia

Icon 2013 Budget Distribution

Louisiana Baptist Convention Cooperative Program For World Missions and Related Causes Projected Budget Distribution

Icon 2014 Rally / Work Schedule
Louisiana Campers on Mission’s Rally / Work Week Schedule 2014
Icon 4wheels
Icon ACP - More Than Just Numbers

The ACP provides a comprehensive picture of what God is doing among Southern Baptists. It may look like just numbers and names, but it's a whole lot more than that.

Icon Adult Ministry Strategy

By Bret Robbe

Icon Adult Sunday School Organization Guide

Open Group Adult Sunday School Class Model

Icon Barnabas Team visit card

Your Name Home Address City State, Zip Contact Phone Email Address Barnabas Team Visit Record Your age group (circle one) 18-25 26-35 36-45 45-55 55+ Your Name Home Address City State, Zip Contact Phone Email Address Barnabas Team Visit Record Your age group (circle one) 18-25 26-35 36-45 45-55 55+ Your Name Home Addre

Icon Beginning a Literacy Ministry

This is an overview of the basic tasks involved in organizing a literacy missions ministry.

Icon Biblical Disciple Making, Part 1

How Jesus Made Disciples

Icon Biblical Disciple Making, Part 2

How Can Jesus’ Church Make Disciples?

Icon Boomer Research

By Dr. Bill Craig

Icon Building a Basic Library

Suggested volumes for starting a pastoral library.

Icon Building a Basic Pastor’s Library

Where does a new pastor begin when building his library?

Icon Campers on Mission Enrollment Form

Send completed form to COM Secretary-Treasurer

Icon Care and Hope Ministry Worksheet

Web Site Worksheet for Care and Hope Ministries

Icon Children's Bible Drill Resources

links to Children's Resources

Icon Church Accompanist Compensation Study

Survey of compensation paid to keyboard (piano, organ, electric keyboard) accompanists in Louisiana Baptist churches.

Icon Church Renewal Journey Pastors Guide

For the Lay Renewal Weekend

Icon Church Starting Interest Questionnaire
Icon Community Needs Assessment

A simple strategy to discover mission needs in your area.

Icon Community Needs Assessment Checklist

Outline to help with the planning and follow through of a Community Needs Assessment.

Icon Community Needs Assessment Time Line

A four to six week timeline for completing a Community Needs Assessment.

Icon Cooperation Key to Resurgence

Dr. Hankins' thoughts on the Great Commision Resurgence

Icon Disaster Relief Product Brochure
A brochure of Disaster Relief products is now available for download with items such as Aprons, Water Bottles, Scrubs and more.
Icon Don’t Let Them Drop—Connect Them

LifeWay project connects students in transition
By Mandy Trammell

Icon Essential Church

Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts
By Thom S. Rainer and Sam S. Rainer III

Icon Essentials for Excellence

Free Sunday School Downloads.  Find a wealth of planning, preparation, implementation, and training resources for adult, preschool, childhood, and student Sunday School ministry.

Icon Every Church Needs - Leadership Training

Suggested Topics for Leadership Training

Icon Every Church Needs - New Believer Training

Suggested Topics for New Believer Training

Icon Every Church Needs - New Member Training

Suggested Topics for New Member Training

Icon Fifty Ways to Love Your Pastor, Staff, and their Spouses

Your pastor, staff and their families are the key to your church’s future.

Icon Fit For The Fight

"Fit for the Fight" is a continuing series of articles written by Dr. Jim Fisher to encourage pastors in their journey of biblical shepherding and as an exhortation for holistic care. Dr. Jim Fisher has a heart for pastoral wellness.

Icon Fit for the Fight 01-2010
Pastor, Do You Care About Wellness?
Icon Fit for the Fight 02-2010
Pastor: Are You Wondering about Wellness?
Icon Fit for the Fight 02-2011
Pastor, Is Your Spiritual Health Counsel Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 03-2010
Pastor, Can You See the Need for Wellness?
Icon Fit for the Fight 03-2011

 Pastor, Are Your Metaphors Well?

Icon Fit for the Fight 04-2010
Pastor, Is Wellness Absent from Your Vocation?
Icon Fit for the Fight 04-2011
Pastor, Is Your Mentoring Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 05-2010
Pastor, Is Your Duty Description Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 05-2011
Pastor, is Your Practice Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 06-2010
Pastor, Is Your Temple Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 06-2011
Pastor, is Your Practice Well? (part 2)
Icon Fit for the Fight 07-2010
Pastor, Is Your Theology Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 08-2010
Pastor, Is Your Self-Control Well?
Icon Fit for the Fight 09-2010

Pastor, Is Your Preventative Maintenance Plan Well?

Icon Fit for the Fight 10-2010

Pastor, is Your Studying Well?

Icon Fit for the Fight 11-2010

Pastor, Is Your Holiday Plan Well?

Icon Fit for the Fight 12-2010

Pastor, Is Your New Year Plan Well?

Icon Founding of the Cooperative Program

Louisiana's Involvment in the founding of the Cooperative Program.

Icon GBCC_11x17
Icon GBCC_8x11

Overview Information on:
GI Generation (1901-1924)
Silent Generation (1026-1944)
Boomers (1945-1963)
Gen X (1964-1981) 


Specific information on Boomers


Specific Information on Young Adults

Icon Guide for Pastors Performing Weddings

Qualifications and Responsibilities of an “officiant” in Louisiana 

Icon High School Bible Drill Resources

links to High School Resources

Icon Involving Southern Baptists in DR Manual

Introduction to SBC DR Processes.  Goes with the Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief Video Training.

Icon Is Sunday School training for leaders still necessary?
Training, or “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:12), to more effectively reach, teach, and minister. is not a once a year, or a once every other year, event. Growth is a process that happens slowly as leaders are exposed to new ideas to become more effective at reaching, teaching and ministering.
Icon January Bible Study 2010 Parables Handout

Stories For Life: Jesus' Parables of the Kingdom in Matthew

Icon LBC Archives Brochure

Describes the content, guidelines, and responsibilities of the LBC Archives

Icon Leading Your Church To Build

Slides presented by Steven D. Newton, A.I.A. at the March, 2013 Church Building Conference. Deals with master plans and leading a successful building project.

Icon Lost and Found

The Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them
By Ed Stetzer

Icon Louisiana Baptist Building Conference

Includes information on the building process, rules of thumb for necessary space, and choosing team members

Icon Louisiana Baptist Singing Ministers Constitution and By-Laws

Document describing the purpose and function of the Louisiana Baptist Singing Ministers

Icon Louisiana Baptist Singing Women

Louisiana Baptist Singing Women
2013-2014 Concert Season

Icon Master Multipurpose

Slides delivered by John Garner at March, 2013 Church Building Conference. Deals with the effects of multipurpose spaces for churches.

Icon Matching Members and Ministry Survey

Worksheet to determine your best fit as an Adult SS class leader

Icon Microfilming Your Church History
One way to preserve the records of your church is by microfilming. The primary purpose of preservation microfilming church records is to provide a replacement of materials for researchers, historians, and future generations of the church.
Icon Mission of Christ's Church

What Are We Supposed to Be Doing?

Icon Missions Involvement Questionnaire
Icon Multipurpose Space Presentation

Things to Consider When Planning a Multipurpose and Recreation Space Including Ministry Purpose, Planning, and Materials

Icon One-on-One Brochure

Full Brochure of One-on-One Evangelism Made Simple

Icon Partnership Missions Presentation Spring 2009

 Partnership Missions Presentation Spring 2009


  • Sermon preparation helps
  • Over 2500 Illustrations
  • Over 2000 sermons
  • Icon Planning A Church Anniversary

    Article outlining the process of planning a church anniversary.

    Icon Planning for Long Term Growth

    Information and Formulas to Help Estimate Long Term Facility Needs

    Icon RA Congress 2013 download
    Icon Raising Money for Buildings

    What to Look for In a Fund Raising Company

    Icon Real Revival by Jimmy Robertson

    You can have as much revival in your heart as you are willing to believe God for. 

    Icon Risk Management Presentation

    Taking a Proactive Approach Serves as a Deterrent to Suits.  Things to Consider in Risk Management.

    Icon SERVE

    Helping people to discover how God uses their spiritual gifts, experiences, relational style, vocational skills, and enthusiasm to mold them into a servant leader.

    Icon Singing Ministers Poster

    Promotional poster for download

    Icon Singing Women and Singing Ministers Poster

    Promotional Poster available for download


    Encouragement, Training, and Resources
    for youth leaders in small churches

    Icon Soap Box Derby

    Car and Race Specifications

    Icon Spiritual Gifts Survey

    Worksheet to help individuals discover their spiritual gifts

    Icon Starting a Care and Hope Ministry

      Guidelines for Starting a Care and Hope Ministry

    Icon State of Disciple Making

    How Are We Doing?
    The State of the American Church

    Icon Sunday School - Discipleship Assistance Request

    Online form to request training and consultation assistance in the areas of Sunday School and Discipleship 

    Icon Sunday School-Discipleship Assistance Request Download

    Download version (PDF) that can be filled out and mailed or faxed in.

    Icon Tax & Accounting Resources

    For Churches and Ministers 

    Icon The 10 Most Costly Errors in Church Building

    List of the top 10 most Common Costly Errors Made

    Icon The Dream Team
    A Great Way to Begin a Ministry with the New Old by Amy Hanson
    Icon The Power of 12 Campaign
    Pastor Steve Shirley, Carlyss First Baptist Church, prepared and implemented this Sunday School enrollment and attendance campaign in 2011. The church saw numerical increases in worship, SS, baptisms, and other church ministries. The campaign helped focus the church on reaching, teaching, and ministering to people. If there are questions regarding the campaign, you may contact Pastor Shirley at 337.540.1062.

    Icon The Stewardship of Influence

    America needs Christians to Vote
    by Michael Stewart

    Icon Thirty Essential Volumes for a Pastor

    Recommended Volumes For a Pastor Just Beginning to Build a Library 

    Icon Three Discipleship Strategies
    12 Month, 13 Week, and 6 Week Discipleship Strategies
    Icon User Friendly Church Facilities

    Slides delivered by Steven D. Newton, A.I.A. at the March 2013 Church Building Conference. Includes multiple examples of user friendly church facilities.

    Icon Wedding Officiant Policy

    Sample Policy for Demonstration Purposes

    Icon Week One
    Taking Your First Steps as a Follower of Jesus Christ
    Icon What Do I Keep

    A general out-line of the items necessary for legal, historical, and financial matters of the church’s history.

    Icon Young Adults in Southeastern States

    Insights for Healthy Models of Reaching Young Adults

    Icon Youth Bible Drill Resources

    links to Youth Bible Drill Resources

    Icon Youth Ministry Forum Notes - April 25-2008

    Brad Parkhurst, High School Pastor
    Northstar Church, Kennesaw, GA
    "Connecting with Community and Campus Ministry"

    Icon Youth Speakers Tournament Resources

    links to Youth Speakers Tournament Resources