Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center


In an effort to be still and seek God, we often find ourselves searching for a place of peace and tranquility.  Everyone finds peace and tranquility through different methods, but one of the easiest ways to see God’s hand in our lives is through nature.  All too often, this is where peace is found.


Many people also find God through worship and fellowship with other believers.  Whatever the case, God is able to be found everywhere, in everything. Tall Timbers has been established to provide people the type of atmosphere they desire as they seek God’s will and the peace that He promises.

Whether God is found in nature or through time set apart to worship with other believers, Tall Timbers provides both.  So, come visit Tall Timbers and allow yourselves to be still and know that He is God.


“Tall Timbers is such a serene place that I always get a blessing from just being here.  God is in this place.”
— Betty Erwin Corkern