2015 E4 Preaching Conference Resources

E4 Preaching Conference is an annual symposium and celebration of the calling and art of preaching. 2015’s guest keynote pastor was Dr. Fred Lowery, pastor emeritus at First, Bossier City.

We hope these two free sessions will inspire pastors and Christ-followers to share the good news of Jesus with power and clarity!

This page features Sessions 2 and 3 of the 2015 conference. Join us in 2016 so that you’ll enjoy all of the keynotes as well as many helpful and inspiring breakout sessions!

The Pledge

Pastors all across our state are excited about The Pledge! Watch the video to learn more.

A Compassionate Heart

When many people see a homeless person on the street, there is a tendency to move to the other side of the street, not knowing what to do. Then, there is a tendency to feel guilty for not doing anything to help. The question is, how do we have a compassionate heart. How do we look back past people’s circumstances and see the real needs of people.

H-healthy. We need to be healthy people. We need to be focused on positive self- worth as people who are charged with serving others as a way of life. We need to find our purpose and utilize our purpose in every situation. We need to be spiritually clean so that we will feel confident in helping others.

E-enthusiastic. Where does enthusiasm come from? Enthusiasm comes from the Holy Spirit. When we are living a healthy life, the power of the Holy Spirit can fill up our life, and give us the enthusiasm it takes to interact with needy people and show the compassion of Jesus to people around us.

A-attentive. We need to be attentive to PEOPLE. Behind every needy circumstance is a person, who has gotten to the place of need by a series of twists and turns. Some are self-inflicted, but others are truly the events that happen in people’s lives. I met a man on the street in Nashville and he began to give me the “two dollar” hustle. I listened to him and he kept saying, “My dad died in 2005”…and everything changed from that moment. I told him, “until you go back to that moment and resolve your dad’s death, you will never be able to move forward.” I told him that God could be his replacement father if allowed. He didn’t get his two dollars, but hopefully he was impacted by the message.

R-respectful-We need to be careful to erase the language of alienation that borders on racism. Words like “those people” or “the people from that side of town”, or “those children” should be lost from our vocabulary. People are people and we need to treat people well, especially at the point of physical/spiritual need.

T-truthful. We need to tell people the truth. If you can help someone today, help them today. But don’t give the impression that you can help tomorrow if you can’t. Needy people are naturally not trusting. One of the greatest ways to minister to people past the immediate need, is to be truthful, and show up when you are supposed to. Be a person who can be counted on, and truly needy people will respond to your message.

ReGroup Conference Resources

Baptists are good at talking about what we should do and how to do it, but do you remember WHY you do what you do? We exist to glorify God. We glorify God when we make disciples. We make disciples by sharing the gospel with the lost, developing biblical community, helping believers to mature spiritually and equipping believers to live missionally.

3 Values That Make a Church Beautiful

Living in primitive one-room homes on the side of an active volcano, I experienced a church that personified beauty. Their beauty wasn’t found in ornate stained glass windows or plush carpet. Come to think of it, the church didn’t even have windows or flooring! As we worshiped in Guatemala, looking around, I whispered to myself, “What a beautiful church – perhaps the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.” Honestly, to return to the climate controlled, multi-million-dollar facility known as my church was a bit of a downer after worshiping in that little village close to the equator.

That church looked more like the first century church than mine.
I had an epiphany about why the church in Guatemala seemed so much more beautiful. That church looked more like the first century church than mine. They worshiped without time constraint, they certainly gave sacrificially even in poverty and it was apparent that God was doing things in that crowded room that I hadn’t seen God do before back in the US. So how can we make our church more like a New Testament church? Here are 3 values of the early church. As you read them, think about your church. Identify some ways your church can take steps to capture the bliss of creating something beautiful in your faith community.

Value 1: Vibrant Prayer

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to the prayers. Acts 2:42 HCSB Old truth. Still true. Prayer has to begin the process. Pray constantly as a fellowship! Take steps this year to make your church a house of prayer. Schedule a night of prayer in which people come to the church to pray at allotted times throughout the night. Teach your students how to pray. They must have this skill as the days grow darker. Reboot your prayer room in the church Make small group praying a part of your main worship experience. Don’t use it simply as transitions for the offering, sermon or music.

Value 2: Divine Activity

Everyone felt a deep sense of awe, while many miracles and signs took place through the apostles. Acts 2:43 (Phillips) Look for God’s hand in what your church is doing. How is God at work. Not only in your church but around the world. We often tend to talk about how bad the world is becoming and we forget all the amazing things God is doing around our city, our state or around the world. Check out these videos . They’d be a great starting point to the celebration.

Value 3: Dangerous Generosity

All the believers shared everything in common; they sold their possessions and goods and divided the proceeds among the fellowship according to individual need. Acts 2:44 (Phillips) It’s just a fact that God blesses a giving church. In Louisiana we have the opportunity to give together through the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering . This offering is our statewide effort to make sure everyone in Louisiana could be impacted by the gospel through

  • church planting
  • evangelistic efforts
  • hunger relief
  • Compassion ministries
  • scholarships for emerging leaders
  • crisis pregnancy
  • missions education
  • training for new leaders
  • church revitalization
  • and the Here For You media campaign that has reached millions across Louisiana with a message of hope and salvation.

The generosity of churches giving away thousands to projects, ministries and missions outside their reach is a direct reflection of what the first church was doing. As believers we personally have a great opportunity everyday to live with an open hand of generosity. Every weekend, as a church, we get to do it together. When we do that in a mud hut or a storied church plant we can whisper to each other. The church is beautiful.